Monday, March 11, 2013

WD Export Mesh

A tool I made for maya to speed up exporting to UDK for a game I am working on. We were running into the problem during crunch where naming conventions and where files were being placed was becoming very unorganized. So I made this tool to take care of exporting static meshes for UDK. The tool takes an object the user has selected and exports it as a .fbx to the appropriate folder. All the artist on our team are using the same folder structure and within the structure are 5 subcategories of model types. The user can pick the model type and the tool will put the file in the correct folder and add the correct prefix for the naming convention. Additionally the tool allows the user to delete history and/or freeze transformations if checked. Lastly the tool will rename the object in the scene to whatever the user enters into the text field.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

WD Effects

A video of some effects I have been working on over the last few weeks. All of these were done in UDK and are being used in a game I'm working on called Warp Derby. In addition to making the emitters I drew out sprite sheets as well. For the most part my work flow was composed of reusing what I created in the first emitter. From there I just tweaked values such as color over life, velocity, and in some cases the mesh data being used.

WD Boost

A particle system I made for the vehicle boost. I Created a texture of a glowing ring in photoshop and then brought it into UDK cascade. The particle system I created only has one emitter which just emits the texture I created. To get the large trail effect I just ramped up the spawn rate of the rings and adjusted the lifetime.

WD Lead Ripple

A pool of molten lead I made. I used a fluid surface in UDK to get the ripple effect and created a shader that adds some secondary movement to the plane. 

WD Banners

Some banners I made with Maya and UDK. I modeled the flags in Maya and then setup the cloth physics in UDK. 

WD Turret Rig

A turret I rigged and animated. Additionally I set the anim tree and anim set up in UDK.

Model Done by Michael Kemp

WD Vehicle

The skeletal system for the vehicle.
The socket and morph target setup.

The anim tree main node.

The anim tree full view. 

The vehicle I rigged, animated, and setup in UDK. The rig has joints for all the moving parts as well as joints at points of the model that are destructible. For example the left wing will fall off after a certain amount of damage is inflicted to it in game. Additionally I hooked up morph target nodes that deform the overall vehicle as it takes damage. Lastly I made custom animations for the booster, gun, and handlebars. 

Model Done by Michael Kemp

Chain Rig

A rig for a chain I worked on. We used this in the game I worked on to hold a a massive bomb above  a pit of molten lead.

WD GateKeepr

A rig I build for a spider like bullet. The idea is for the model to fly though the air and then latch onto whatever it hits.

Model Done by Michael Kemp

WD Lead Shader

A shader I created for molten lead in a game I am working on. I added a panner to the 2dtexture to make it move and plugged a small network with a sine node into the world position offset to get the rippling effect.

Disintegrate Shader

A shader I made that makes it look as though a object is disintegrating. I'm using this effect for small pieces of paper that are burning.

WD Portal Shader

 A shader network that I took from UDK and tweaked to fit our game. I took a premade shader that comes with UDK, tweaked various settings and added new texture maps to get the look we needed for our game.

Texture Maps done by Ryoma Tazi