Sunday, April 28, 2013

WD Effects Take Two

Just some effects I put together for Warp Derby. After doing these effects I actually learned a lot more then I did my first time. For one I have been trying to be more efficient by not using as many emitters. Also I had some problems with my previous effects (which I have revisited) with having them be born and die in a smooth transition. I think I did a much better job at that with these. Lastly to be more efficient I ended up reusing a lot of the emitters which sped up production significantly.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

WD Export Parts

This is a tool I recently wrote in Python to complement my WD Car Builder tool. This tool sets up the parts to be ready for both my WD Car Builder tool and UDK export for our game. It allows rigs the part, exports it as a FBX and renders out a single preview image for the user in the Car Builder tool.

WD Car Builder

This an update to a tool that I had previously made for the artists on a game I'm working on. The tool allows the user to impart in various car parts to see what they look like on a frame. I received some feedback from my teammates on the original tool and went back and implemented those suggestions. One of the biggest critiques was that it wasn't visual enough, so I reworked the window and added some visual feedback for the user so they know what they are selecting.

Monday, April 1, 2013

WD Car Builder

This is a tool I wrote for Maya using Python and XML. The game I'm working on has a car customization feature so the players can build there own cars. Since we don't yet have this feature incorporated into the game I made a tool that replicates this in Maya so the artist can more easily test what the parts will look like on the car. The first thing the user does is import the XML for the project they are working on. Next they are able to choose the frame they would like to import followed by the pieces they would like to add onto the vehicle.

WD Skin Weights

This is a tool that I wrote in Python. It allows the user to select an object and then prints out all of vertices and there associated weight values into a XML format. Initially I wrote this tool to see how I can access this sort of information on an object but decided to print it out in XMLformat to get some further use out of it. That being said there is a tool in Maya that already takes an object and exports the skin weights as a XML for the user (deformerWeigths command). Additionally the polyEvaluate command can be sued for finding all sorts of useful information such as poly count and the bounding box.

WD Import Mesh

This is a tool I wrote in python and XML. The tool allows the user to select a XML file and then import in all of the pieces stored in that XML file. The XML file has the meshes, skin weights, joints, and textures all in separate files. After bringing in all of these files and bringing them together a new shader network is created and also applied to the mesh.